Frequently asked questions. - manual

.What fabrics can be found in Your furniture offer?

.Whether is it possible to change the size of upholstered furniture?

.What is the prize of each furniture?

.What is the total delivery time?

.Is there a possibility to order a furniture with my own fabric?

.How to select a proper fabric to upholstered furniture?

.Whether is it possible to order, after some time, another furniture from a kit

.I've heard about the differences in dimensions of upholstered furniture

.Can I order the couch with upholstered back? And can the retractable part of the corner be in the same color and fabric as the rest of it?

.Can I order extra pillows to the upholstered furniture

.Is it possible to chance the upholstery of the furniture after few years of use?

.Can I change the size or structure furniture?