o_firmie_foto__jpg_750x500_q100Over 60 years of tradition.

Furniture company "DĄB"was founded in 1950 in Gdynia by connecting private joiners. Until 1989, she was affiliated in cooperative structures. Regulated ownership issues and continuity in management helped strengthen and consolidate the company’s position on the furniture market.

zaladunek1__jpg_750x500_q100Dynamic development in 90s.

In the 90s, after the change of the economic system, there has been rapid development. New technologies, successful investments and offer continuous introduction of new, often innovative products, strengthened the company’s position as one of the market leaders. As our business was growing we were steadily expanded foreign market. Nowadays You can find the furniture produced by our company in such a European countries as: Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Modern design, comfort and solidness

Longtime success on the Polish market we owe our specialist’s who are constantly looking for new technologies, new design and material solutions. Impact on the design of our products has not only observing world trends but also listening carefully to the suggestions and opinions of numerous loyal business partners and customers. Thanks to that our furniture are a continuation of the good traditions that could be described in those four words: durability, reliability, comfort and good design aesthetics. “DĄB” Furniture allow to arrange your own home environment as aesthetic, eye pleasing  and functional. Our current offer includes a wide range of upholstered furniture such as sofas, corners, sets with armchairs, couches and cabinet furniture: systems furniture, whole bedrooms, bunk beds, folding beds, wardrobe closet, including (enjoying the great popularity) sized closets.